Gasim Ibrahim

  • Give the same allowances and benefits as expatriates to Maldivian doctors, teachers, nurses and others
  • Discover and attempt to drill for oil in Maldives
  • Raise standards of existing hospitals in Laamu Gan, Haa Dhaal Kulhudhuhfushi and Addu City to the same level as IGMH in Male’
  • Facilitate undergraduate studies for students who pass five subjects in A’ Levels
  • Build a pre-school (with state finance) on every island
  • Facilitate treatment for lifelong illnesses (with state finance)
  • Provide staple food, electricity and water at the same price across the country
  • Establish three Fish Aggregating Devices for every existing one
  • Provide one hundred fishing vessels per year (for five years) on a long term loan basis to the public
  • Provide a laptop for every student undergoing secondary education
  • Provide Internet service to all islands at same quality as available in Male
  • Build an airport in every atoll

Mohamed Waheed

Social protection

  • MRf 3500/month for all citizens over 65 years of age
  • MRf 5000 worth share portfol / year per citizen in state owned companies
  • Ensure all children undergo formal education until the age of 18
  • All school leavers will be equipped with skills to enter the job market
  • Own home for every married couple
  • Facilitate a sovereign guarantee to develop a Maldivian housing and construction industry
  • Low interest loans for first time home owners


  • Basic level health services in each inhabited island
  • Regional hospitals: Specialist services (pediatrician, gynaecologist, physician, anaesthetist)
  • Two floating hospitals, one in the north and one in the south of the country for tertiary level health services
  • Ambulance (speedboat) services to be made available from all inhabited islands to the floating hospital

Environment and energy

  • Increase renewable energy production (lessen existing expenditure – MRf 7 bill – on fuel imports)
  • Reduce by 50% electricity costs of households
  • Every registered driver to get a hybrid taxi
  • Increase environment friendly employment

Facilitate employment opportunities for mothers

  • Increase maternity leave for 6 months
  • MRf 1500 voucher per month to help working mothers use day care centers
  • Facilitate single session schools and ensure school and work timing coincide

Ensure a peaceful environment for all citizens

  • Make the streets safe for men, women and children
  • Rid the streets of sexual harrassment, abusive behavior
  • Ensure law enforcement stop street crimes
  • Expedite prosecution of offenders

Ensure adequate wages (income) for all

  • Job creation: introduce and develop new industries, diversify existing industries
  • Develop small business opportunities: facilitate financial support, interest free loans
  • Employment benefits for jobseekers
  • Develop economic hubs in three regions

Community / Island infrastructure

  • Safe drinking water for all islands in the first year of government
  • Sewerage systems in all inhabited islands within three years of govvernment
  • Build harbours in every inhabited island
  • Establish waste disposal systems in each inhabited island

Yameen Abdul Gayoom

  • PPM does not have a manifesto, but has published a Women’s Policy, which can be found here on Haveeru [in Dhivehi]

Mohamed Nasheed

Guest house Policy

Iqthisaadhuge faidhaa emmenah (profits from the economy for all)
“(Rashu jeebah dollaru – dollars in local pockets)”

  • Double the number of tourists entering the country within the next three years
  • Introduce an additional 25,000 tourist beds
  • Increase jobs in the tourism sector, especially those available in one’s own island/community
  • Strengthen/expand transportation networks across Maldives
  • Continue developing the airport (which was due to be completed by the end of 2013 to accommodate 5 million people)

Agri Business

Hedhdhi ethikolhu dhey kiraalan, vaguthun faisaa dhey (Weigh your produce, get instant payment)

  • Decrease dependence on food imports by ensuring 44 percent of the foodstuff currently imported are homegrown
  • Introduce “agri-boats” to transport produce and eliminate barriers of entry and access to markets
  • Agri-boats to ensure that farmers are paid immediately for their produce
  • Establish 2 “agri-centres” as market hubs for agricultural produce
  • Communications system to connect farmers to agri-centers
  • Harbour markets with cold storage facilities would be set up on 24 islands
  • Invest in large agriculture fields in farming islands, with facilities, expert guidance, hydroponic systems, water and electricity on an economically feasible scale
  • Government-owned corporation would be set up to purchase local produce and sell processed and “value-added” products to resorts and other businesses
  • MRf 188 million (US$12 million) to be provided as agriculture loans through a development bank
  • MRf 175 million  in loans to agri-boats & agricultural corporations
  • Conducting training programmes for 1,000 farmers
  • Create over 2000 job opportunities in the agriculture sector
  • Increase income generated by farmers by 33 percent

Empowered Workers

Hama iskolhah thedhuvevey fahuruveri Dhivehin (proud Maldivians able to stand on their own feet)

  • Introduction of a minimum wage of MRf 4,500 (not applicable to small and medium-sized enterprises) and only applicable to businesses with a turnover higher than MRf 2 million
  • 28 job creation programmes
  • “Flexi-time” working hours for women
  • Internships for students
  • Career guidance facilities
  • Provision of transport to workplaces
  • Ensure workers have access to housing close to work place


Falhun nagaa faidhaa ( value/ profits from the lagoon)

  • Establish soft loan scheme worth MRf 200 million
  • Facilitate 60 mariculture projects within five years
  • 12 million dollars in loans for mariculture projects
  • Create over 1800 jobs in the mariculture industry
  • Projected income over a billion US$
  • Establish quarantine facilities & research facilities to monitor and evaluate the new industry

Higher Education

Dhivehi Ilmuverin: Dhivehinge visnun Raajjeyge asdhandin beyrah (Maldivian Scholars: taking Maldivian thinking beyond Maldivian borders)

  • Allocate MRf 500 million (US$ 32.5 million) in five years to issue student loans, provide scholarships and conduct training programmes
  • Construction of two hostels or dormitories in the Male’ region
  • Improving the Islamic studies faculty
  • Establishing an Information Technology College
  • Setting up institutes for boat building, maritime training, medicine, fisheries and sports under public-private partnership (PPP) projects
  • Education savings scheme with the government to match deposits by parents
  • Providing plots of land to private education institutes
  • Giving grants for financially-disadvantaged students
  • Securing opportunities for 2,000 students to study medicine
  • Covering course fees for students with special needs
  • MRf 118 million (US$ 7 million) worth of student loans from a development bank during the next five years
  • Upgrading the polytechnic institute to ISO 900 standard and establishing new faculties at the National University
  • Train 300 science teachers, 300 Quran teachers, 500 nurses and 200 pharmacists as well as an MRf 80 million programme for the improvement of lecturers
  • The ‘Hunaru‘ skills training programme targets the creation of 17,350 jobs


Hiy hamajehun: garubagatheesurre nethi dhiyummah dhaandhen ( Contentment from birth to death)

  • Train 250 mobile health workers
  • Provide 2000 MBBS course over 5 years
  • Develop 3 tertiary hospitals
  • Establish 2 geriatric centres
  • Enact legislation on medical practitioners
  • Establish a medical council/protect and look after medical practitioners
  • Development of traditional medicine/methods of treatment
  • Improvement of Aasandha Scheme with inclusion of coverage for chronic illnesses, accidents and emergencies

Benevolent government

Oagaatheri sarukaaru oagaatheri mujuthamau insaarfveri tharaqee (compassionate govt, compassionate society and developmental justice)

  • 16 billion on subsidies and benefits over 5 years
  • Housing subsidy
  • Glass of milk & a banana to every school child every day
  • Student loans & scholarships with value of MRf 5 million over five years
  • 51,000 job opportunities
  • A MRf120 million (US$7.7 billion) savings scheme for higher education
  • 20,000 accomodation flats
  • MRf 2000 (US$129) allowance for every single parent and person with special needs
  • Allowance of MRf 2300 (US$149) for the elderly
  • Introduce “mothers allowance” – each employed household member to contribute towards a “mothers allowance” scheme
  • Pension scheme for private / self employed workers

Sports and Recreation

Majaakurun: Birakaanulaa foohi filuvun (Fun without fear)

  • More sports facilities and technical assistance for athletes
  • 40 turf stadiums throughout the country
  • Development of high standard stadiums with modern-day training facilities, netball courts and courts for ‘Bashi’ – a traditional sport played by women – across 60 islands
  • Build “Associations Houses” to provide space for administrative setups of sports associations
  • Develop accommodation and boarding facilities for visiting international athletes and teams
  • Develop a ‘sports resort’ – a sports-themed holiday resort
  • Skills development under the guidance of a National Sports Institute