PPM’s preemptive doctrine

PPM has taken pre-emptive defensive action to a level that even George W Bush would be jealous of. On Wednesday one of its senior officials, Ahmed Zaneen Adam, filed a case in the Supreme Court asking it to do an independent audit of the Elections Commission’s IT systems, and to order the police to pre-emptively defend the election from ‘undue influence.’

With a week still to go before we head to the polls, and no credible reports of any wrong-doing at the Elections Commission, this appears nothing but an attempt to delay the election . The only basis for the request to investigate comes from PPM’s own complaints earlier in the month saying it was unhappy with Indian IT personnel working in the Commission.

When this failed to gain any sort of momentum among the electorate as a problem with the EC, PPM then touted the idea that an alleged security breach of the EC website means the voter registry has been compromised. This kind of activity by PPM is in line with several text messages alleged to have been exchanged between senior PPM figures leaked in the social media which suggest the party is frantically working behind the scenes to find an excuse to delay the elections.

What is most ridiculous about the case filed by this non-PPM PPM figure Zaneen is that it is asking the Supreme Court bench—on which sits Ali Hameed, the infamous Fornicating Justice who was caught on hidden camera having sex with three prostitutes in a Colombo hotel room—to have a say in how, when and where we decide our next leader.

Snap goes all credibility of any such ruling, as loud and abrupt as the sound of an elastic band snapping against heavy flesh.