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Maumoon’s shame, Asward’s report

Raajje TV journalist Asward [Ibrahim Waheed] was brutally assaulted yesterday morning. He is now in critical condition at a hospital in Sri Lanka. On Wednesday, 20 February, he aired the above report on Raajje TV. It was a response to Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s statement the previous day that Mohamed Nasheed seeking refuge at the Indian High Commission was ‘shameful’. This is a translation of Asward’s script.

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Murder most revealing: L.Corporal Haleem’s death & the burial of truth

by Azra Naseem

Last Sunday night Lance Corporal Adam Haleem was stabbed to death on the island of Kaashidhoo. He was en route to duty and in full uniform. He died from multiple stab wounds just after midnight. He was 26 years old, and the father of a son not yet a year old.

Before the young policeman’s body was cold, his death had become a political opportunity for many. Politicisation of life and death is not a new phenomenon in the Maldives. It was  on the rise before the change of government on 7 February. But the extent to which the current ‘Unity Government’ of Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik is going, to squeeze every drop of political juice from the death of Lance Corporal Hameed, is a revolting spectacle to behold.

It was Dr Waheed himself who set the ball rolling.

What was this about hate-mongering? What did he mean? Was the policeman’s murder linked to the current political unrest? That was certainly the inference, as he reiterated shortly after:


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