Maldives judiciary: unreformed and unrepentant (Dhivehi)

Download Ahmed Nazim Abdul Sattar’s translation of MP Eva Abdulla’s: Unreformed and Unrepentant The Maldives Judiciary, Dhivehi Translation.

On 16 October daily newspaper Haveeru and online paper Minivan News published ‘The Maldives judiciary: unreformed and unrepentant’, an article written by MDP MP Eva Abdulla.

Written in English, the article analyses how and why judicial independence in the Maldives remains seriously compromised.

In order to ensure that the article reaches as wide a Maldivian audience as possible, MP Eva Abdulla had the article translated into Dhivehi. Haveeru, which is the country’s leading daily paper with the largest circulation, has refused to carry it on the pretext that it:

never publishes the same article in both languages.

As excuses go, it is pathetic. It is also symptomatic of the rapid deterioration of freedom of expression in the Maldives, and the unhealthy and unethical relations between many mainstream media outlets and the government.

Haveeru published the English version to demonstrate to the international community that it entertains diverse views, and that it is willing to publish material critical of the government and State institutions. At the same time, it refused to share the same information with the Maldivian public because it is complicit in the government’s efforts to prevent the general population from fully understanding the gravity of the loss of judicial independence, and why injustice continues to be a defining characteristic of life in the Maldives today.

Despite the transition to democracy, the Maldivian judiciary remained under the influence of the former authoritarian regime. The mainstream media not only failed to cover the issue properly, it also helped cover it up, as seen by the many attempts made in vain by former member of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to attract media attention to her exposure of its anti-democratic and unconstitutional activities.

Since coming to power, caretaker President Waheed’s government has run a sustained misinformation campaign. Government spokespersons have regularly told blatant lies to foreign media outlets on issues related to governance, judicial independence, rising crime levels and the rapidly increasing extremism in the Maldives. These efforts have been made in parallel with attempts to misinform or keep the Maldivian people ignorant of facts that affect their fundamental rights, especially their right to govern themselves.

Please read and circulate as widely as possible to your friends and acquaintances, especially in islands other than Male’, to help counter the continuing efforts to keep the Maldivian people in the dark.

An informed public is necessary for restoring democracy in the Maldives.

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