Insights into the Baaghee mind: CoNI interview with a policeman who mutinied

The Commander said, This is the latest news. Is there someone here who wants to do it?

None of us believed we had the authority to do it. Legally, we can only enter tea hotaas [cafe’s] and such—these we can enter. But public places, like someone’s office, someone’s house, for a wire. This way, some such things did happen, but really, that’s become too big for me.

Yasir: Are you saying that your subordinates disobey you directly? Have you noticed anyone among the commanders, a specific person, who refuses to obey orders?

P: If it’s an unconstitutional order, I don’t think anyone will obey. We will say to them, we can’t do it that way right now.

Yasir: No specific person that you have noticed?

P: No particular person as such.

Yasir: That day, on the night of the 6th, were there any efforts made to isolate a particular commander on Artificial Beach?

P: Yes, they tried to remove Z.

Yasir: Why?

P: Maybe they thought he was the reason people weren’t moving.

Yasir: Why was Z singled out?

P: At the time Z was there, there were two platoo…there are two platoon commanders and another platoon to command—maybe it’s easier when there’s one. Otherwise they will be moving towards them separately, maybe that’s why what comes to him would be offered to two. That’s getting a bit high isn’t it? If so, if he is isolated, it will be easier to talk to the others and persuade them [to leave].

Yasir: Did you not know before that Z is marked?

P: No, he was always like that.

Yasir: Like that?

P: Like that…when he’s in the field, he gives the order—he passes them on from the leaders.

Fawaz: You have said destroying MDP Haruge is not something that should have been done, haven’t you? In that case, in your view, what kind of punishment should be given, or what steps should be taken, against those who did it?

P: Investigate what happened, if the culprits are found, punish them according to the law.

Fawaz: Were there any attempts made on Republic Square that night to arrest anyone?

P: Yes!

Fawz: You opposed that?

P: Yes!

Fawaz: Why was that?

P: We hadn’t done anything we should be arrested for.

Fawaz: But you said earlier some people had destroyed MDP Haruge.

P: Destroying the Haruge was not the reason given for attempting to arrest them

Fawaz: Is that so?

P: That’s why I don’t believe they should have been arrested.

Fawaz: We see this in many places, first, for example: didn’t come when asked to come to Republic Square, went to the Artificial Beach when asked not to go, resisting arrest…many such disobeyed orders. Do you not accept that you have been disobedient?

P: No.

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